Balance with Blended Learning is a teaching strategy book written by Caitlin Tucker, published by Corwin. This interior book template project required strict attention to detail. 
This is a 2-color book, and the author requested a hand-drawn look. With this in mind, I designed a range of 2-color custom icons, tables, and infographics for use throughout the book. The final product is featured below, and you can view the book online, too!
Chapter Opening Icons
I also created a comprehensive interior template for the typesetters to use. This way, when the book is typeset, my intended design is clearly defined and easily referenced for any element or style that may come up.
Interior Page Templates
There were also a healthy handful of custom tables, charts, and infographics requested for this interior. A selection of those elements are featured in detail here:
(You may notice that the color changed. The icons below were exported before the author requested the color change.)
Infographics & Tables
Staying organized kept everything running smoothly and made for a much simpler process overall.

AI Icon Organization

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