As Associate Graphic Designer at SAGE Publications, I worked on a comprehensive range of design projects—from marketing strategy & collateral to book design, from journal covers to Powerpoint presentations, and more. Below is a collection of marketing pieces that I completed during my contract with SAGE. 
The "6 Characteristics" ad is my design solution for social media series posts. The idea is that this layout will serve as a template for SAGE's social media consistency. The copy, colors, and numbers can be edited to suit any series content on any platform. 
"6 Characteristics" Social Media Ad Series for Visible Learning
Below is a live example of my template for Breaking Down the Wall. 
SAGE Vantage Marketing
SAGE Vantage is a new platform for students that keeps engagement high outside of the classroom. I designed a stylistic infographic and sticker to be used on titles with access to the Vantage digital platform.

SAGE Vantage Book Cover Sticker

Visual Preface Email Template
I designed an email template to be used as a textual & visual explanation of SAGE's visual preface process. Drawing from my own experience outputting dozens of custom visual prefaces, I hoped to streamline the process for the future. It was very satisfying to learn the process, and present it in a way that is clear and coherent.

Visual Preface Email Template

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