The Seaside Highland Games is a vibrant festival celebrating the music, sport, dress, and food of Scotland. I manage the festival's design needs including website management in WIX, flyer design and printing, map design and printing, merchandise design, program design and printing, and volunteering during the festival.

Website Design and Management

Printed Flyer Design

Custom Map Design

The Printed Map

Custom T-Shirt Design

Custom Canvas Bags

Printed Program Design
My goal was to create a statement cover that guests would cherish as a keepsake. Using bold imagery, a new textual logo, a small Celtic knot symbol, and an updated version of the classic Seaside Highland Games seal, I have created a cover that I hope will age well and remind visitors of their unique experience at the Games. Sláinte!

2019 Program Cover

The interior program pages are thoughtfully organized, guiding guests through the informative text in a deliberate manner. Use of images, icons, and interesting typography breaks up the text.

Pipe Bands Interior Pages

The Children's Glen & Other Activities Interior Pages

The 2018 version of the program was the first of its kind. Freshly updated with a truly Scottish aura, striking a careful balance between the old and the new. Nothing screams "Scotland" more than Eilean Donan Castle!

2018 Program Cover

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