I first connected with Jessy Raspiller—the founder of Venture Well Yoga in Ventura, CA—in 2018. Jessy's uplifting spirit and professional expertise has lead her business to amazing success, and sends ripples of positivity through her community. She wanted to do more, and dreamt of a line of custom merchandise. I helped her realize her goal by creating a collection of designs to be featured on merch.
Wild Rose is a line of Venture Well apparel. Featured on cozy crewnecks, the logo was designed to appear soft and feminine, but still pack a punch. I painted the rose with watercolor, and hand-lettered the text. The punch, I believe, really came out with the incredibly detailed, textured embroidery.

Wild Rose Embroidery Video

The Yoga in the Wild logo is inspired by Ventura's beachy landscapes and the self-reflective nature of yoga. I intended for the logo to marry the outdoors with the sport of yoga—a core principle of Venture Well. 
The Venture Well community is awesome. What a view!

Sunday Morning Class

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