SAGE Publications is an independent, academic publishing company. SAGE also owns and publishes under Corwin Press and CQ Press. Each of the covers featured below belong to one of the three SAGE imprints.
American Democracy in Peril is a 9th edition CQ Press title. The author requested a modern and "clean" design that captures a sense of impaired patriotism without being politically insensitive or destructive. I coordinated with the editor and author to guide us to this final design. 

Book Cover & Spine

The lemniscate red, white, and blue Ouroboros represents the pending self-destruction of American Democracy—dangerously close to biting its own tail.

Front, Back, and Spine

Book Cover Press File

Separately, I also designed a variety of back covers and spines required to be consistent with their front cover. The goal: to keep the back covers compatible with the front, yet still create a captivating stand-alone piece. To achieve this, I carried over similar colors, texts, title treatments, and elements from the front covers.

Outside Back Cover Design

Outside Back Cover Design

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